• It's Easy to Apply. Here's how.

    Worksheets need to be submitted by Friday, February 16, at 6pm.

    Step 1. Register

    Here you’ll register your interest.

    • You will be sent 3 worksheets
    • You will be given access to Get Strategic … Get Results - this will give you more information on how best to complete the worksheets
    • You will be given access to a private Facebook group
    • You will get additional help and support for Get Strategic … Get Results and your application in the private Facebook group

    To register you need a credit card but you are not charged during this time.

    • If you wish to continue to have access to Get Strategic … Get Results, you need do nothing. You can continue to have access for just €10/month.
    • If you want access only during the trial period to help complete your application, just cancel before the trial period is up.

    Step 2. Complete 3 worksheets

    There's three things you need to complete to submit with your application. These are listed below.

    1. Where are you now (Worksheet 1.4)?

    2. What are your Strengths & Weaknesses (Worksheet 1.6 Building Self Awareness)

    3. Where you want to go (Worksheet 2.2 Let's make that real)

    Step 3. Submit your application

    To submit your application, upload the three completed worksheets to us by Friday, 16th February, 6pm. Selected applicants will be notified by Friday, 23rd February. Upload your worksheets here.

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