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Paula Duffin

Wexford Health & Wellness Centre

Paula Duffin

Paula currently has three brands that she's trying to bring together. Based in Wexford, you can follow her company on:

Challenge #1 - Your Vision and Path

Points up for grabs: 10

Up to two points available for each grade.

Finola comments: There are too many Milestones which means that path was very strongly Operationally Focused. Milestones denote a pivotal change. You needs to start thinking in Big Picture Terms. My other concern is that there is an assumption that the work will come. How will you make that happen? What is your milestone to ensure that this will in fact happen.

Teri comments: Paula, you are some one to work! I think you have too much going on. It's going to be difficult to see the big picture. You're unlikely to get it all done if you try to do too much. Your milestones are more like tasks and there are too many of them. Focus on a few that will significantly change your business. You have a goal in year four to no longer work Saturdays. What if you made this a goal for this year? What would you have to do, and how would your business have to look, for you to accomplish this? Focus on your vision and a few milestones to support that.

Challenge #1 Submission 2

Finola comments: I can see the changes in how Paula looks at her business now. Her role and her milestones are much more focused and you can now see clearly the flow of how she is directing her business. Well done Paula.

Teri comments: Your milestones and roles are much more focused. This will make a huge difference to you. Well done.

Challenge #2 - Build the Offering They Want

Points up for grabs: 10

Up to two points available for each grade.

Finola comments: I loved your why's Paula and the integrity with which they were expressed. You have a wide range of services on offer. Consider packaging them around your Customer's needs as opposed to what they are. In this way you are marrying products with customers. It helps to make it easier to choose what to buy from you. You also have an incredible wealth of knowledge around your subject matter. Find a way to leverage that.

Teri comments: You did well on this challenge Paula. I loved your whys in particular and your passion. I would like to see customer groups instead of just those that suffer from particular illnesses and how you provide ‘solutions’ to their problems (instead of individual treatments). I would do more research on pricing. I am surprised that you price acupuncture the same as you did 11 years ago. I would relate the benefits more to the price and convey this in the language used. But, again, you did really well. Well done.

Challenge #2 Submission 2

Finola comments: Well done Paula, loved seeing you apply the learnings from subsequent challenges including customers and you really took on board the idea of pricing strategy. It's very clear here. In particular I liked that you leveraged the learnings from the Gap Analysis and Positioning and brought it to life here. Well done.

Teri comments: Well done. Much more developed, thought out and clear.

Challenge #3 - Your Customer - Get Close and Personal

Points up for grabs: 11

Up to two points available for each grade plus one point for your video.

Finola comments: Great Detail in these worksheets. There is a wonderful font of information which you will be able to use when you are building your marketing strategy out. Don't forget that this is important for that. Really liked the clarity around knowing clearly which 3 you were targeting. Do make sure that as you build such information there isn't so much that you lose the key messages in each. A tip... highlight the bits that are really important. Well done on speaking with your customers to gain deeper insights.

Teri comments: Paula, I am very impressed. You show a really good understanding and empathy of your customer's problems. It's important, for each however, that you link this to your product or service offering. I thought the detail was good in many places. I would caution having too much detail with everything as you risk losing sight of the bigger picture. Overall, however, really well done.

Patrick comments:

  • Excellent presentation
  • Very clear ideas of the specific target areas she wants to focus on 
  • Has done and is doing research to ensure she has the facts before targeting specific areas 
  • Concise and to “the point presentation”
  • Has give a very clear idea of how she will grow her business through focus on specific areas 
  • Her biggest challenge will be brand identification due to diversity in her business 
  • Enormous potential to grow this business once the brand is clearly identified and the logistics of a bigger site are sorted out 

Challenge #4 - Find your gap in the Market, Build your brand and get Web ready

Points up for grabs: 10

Finola comments: Loved the Brand Story - I felt that I got to really understand the person behind the business and a code was definitely emerging. The Site Map needs some work with where information is placed so that there is flow across the site. It didn't feel like I was being taken on a journey that I wanted to be on. With a bit of work this could really help the impact of the site. The site content was good. So much of it which is fantastic but it must flow. I would keep away from too many sliders on the home page. Statistically they don't have impact.

Teri comments: A lot of good work was put into this and you have really good content for the website. For the gap, there's a mix identified plus a laundry list of other things (wellness programmes, highlighting results) which are not really gaps (or, if they are, it's not explained). By putting in everything, you risk losing focus on the real opportunities. Brand code was good. Well done here on your story. On the Website, there didn't seem to be a clear objective for the front page with lots of options. This needs to tie to your objectives. What is the customer journey? What do you want them to do if they want to do business with you? A few more CTAs on the back pages will help.

Challenge #5 - Get Social

Points up for grabs: 12+

Finola comments: Well done Paula. As always I can see the amount of effort you put into these challenges. A few pointers for you don't set so many goals for yourself all at the same time. It's not sustainable and you will burn out. Pick fewer and really go for them. You are in danger of being too hard a taskmaster on yourself. With the targets learn from your benchmarking and adjust your targets accordingly. Well done on your messaging throughout your posts. The visual posts were fantastic. Your voice and passion for what you do really came through. I'm so glad that you could see the impact directly on your business because of how strong your messaging is. Well done.

Teri comments: Paula has done really good work in this challenge. I love her posts -- her blog post and Canva images, the way she put together visuals with good branding. I also love the way she jumped in and never gave up on the public vote. Her benchmarks are good, some goals a bit aggressive. She doesn't explain why some benchmark numbers go down instead of up. Content upgrade is good. Well done for linking from your blog. Just mind spelling/typo errors -- maybe have someone review before going out. Schedule is good. You can already start to see what is working better with some content over others. Well done.

Challenge #6 - Story, Funnel and Plan

Points up for grabs: 13

Finola comments: Well done Paula, I can really see the progress overall. Do pay attention to the amount of detail as sometimes you trade off the bigger picture against this tendency e.g. in the layering exercise the essence / crux of each layer was lost in the detail. I could see you got it in the calendar but get that clarity right so you can apply it elsewhere. Look at flow in your Plan on a Page and how it all fits together. Consider the tagline "Get Well. Stay Well" as a way to sum up your core message. Very impressed overall Paula, well done.

Teri comments: Paula, you delivered lots of good stuff in this challenge. You have a good understanding of your customer. Be careful with trying to do too much because you need to stay focused. When your objectives are really clear, this is when you need to dive deep and go into detail so that your actions are deliberate and targeted. Be careful with having too many money off specials. You deliver value. Believe this and your customers will. Well done on what you've done here and throughout the competition. You've worked so hard and have great potential with your business. You should be very proud.

Patrick comments:

  • Good presentation  
  • Maybe not as free flowing as the other two and less eye contact which gave me slightly less confidence if i were a potential investor  
  • It is clear that she has great plans to grow and expand the business which is very positive  
  • Its clear to me from this that Paula has a great brain and is going to apply it along with a great work ethic to drive her business to the next level and I've no doubt that she will succeed  
  • The overall message on exactly what she does in her business was less clear than it might have been .. this may well be due to the fact that she has actually two different businesses under one roof .. the video reflected this and a strong brand identity did not come across to me  
  • Paula is great and she needs to have more self belief in how capable she actually is !
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