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Laura Stafford

Laura's Beauty Room

Laura Stafford

Laura's Beauty Room is based in Wexford. Looking to build her brand further, you can follow her on:

Challenge #1 - Your Vision and Path

Points up for grabs: 10

Up to two points available for each grade.

Finola comments: Very Clear and believeable. It was clear and you took into account the learnings from the mentoring session. That shows an open mindedness to growth. Keep doing this.

Teri comments: Laura, well done. You've done really well for your first go at your Vision and Path. You've identified specific milestones that can make a difference to your business. I would encourage you to develop this more. As you do, you will get more clarity on your role and the resources needed to make this happen. Well done again.

Challenge #2 - Build the Offering They Want

Points up for grabs: 10

Up to two points available for each grade.

Finola comments: I loved your clarity and consistency Laura. I can see already how you've grown from the last challenge. I'm delighted that you got that insight about the different target markets for your offerings and the fact that saying less but more specific was important. Focus is everything here. The why's are great. Short to the point. Do think about what they directly relate to. Was it Purpose, Mission or Vision. Pick one. Be specific. It'll increase your focus.

Teri comments: Well done Laura. You do consistently well. To improve your score I would focus on the language you use so that it's all focused on the client. There's a lot about treatments and the salon, just make it a bit more client centric. I'd also be even more specific about your target clients and relate pricing to services you provide -- even giving treatment times which helps clients evaluate your services. Well done on your whys.

Challenge #2 Submission 2

Finola comments: Well done Laura. Love how you built on what you've done before and given us more of an insight into your why's and the offerings are definitely more customer centric.

Teri comments: You are getting clearer and more developed in your thought and strategy. I can see the improvements you are making. Well done.

Challenge #3 - Your Customer - Get Close and Personal

Points up for grabs: 11

Up to two points available for each grade plus one point for your video.

Finola comments: Loved the insights into your customers and that your customers contributed to your learning. Get used to asking. They will always help you help them. Be careful of the idea of being everywhere, that's particularly difficult to do. Apportion your time carefully and understand that as you stated in your challenge that the message for each is different.

Teri comments: Well done Laura. I love how you described each customer. The stories really brougth them to life. I would have liked to see the older customers developed a bit more. You're on the right path, however, so keep doing what you're doing. Well done again.

Patrick comments:

  • Has clearly decided that her social media focus needs to broaden which is important and very positive 
  • Good that she is “ getting out and about“ in Wexford to increase customer awareness of her business and hence drive footfall
  • She is definitely showing a focus on how to grow her business through various marketing techniques 
  • Possibly could have been a bit more concise in her approach ..but that’s just a personal view 
  • Has a great opportunity to grow her business through extended opening hours , further staff incentivisation and focus on the most profitable areas of the business, online growth and product sales  

Challenge #4 - Find your gap in the Market, Build your brand and get Web ready

Points up for grabs: 10

Finola comments: This would not have been Laura's strongest challenge. We were missing some depth in finding the gap in the marketplace and building the brand code. What did come across very strongly was the reason for Laura's belief and staff and this is definitely a good strategy for the business. More than that it is believable. You can tell that Laura is very passionate about this. Unfortunately this didn't come across in the site map so this needs a little work in terms of flow. With the information presented it feels very strongly sales focused when we know from Laura's video and elswhere that this would not be Laura's way of doing business. Go Deeper on this one Laura. It's there it just has to come out.

Teri comments: You've done consistently well but this challenge looks like it was a bit more difficult. The website area in particular. But also, you're coming to the end of the competition and, you need to make sure to develop your answers. When others develop their answers more, or make their answers clearer, their scores will be higher. On the website, you need to tie this in to your objectives for the site. What you have laid out looks like it is for existing customers but, if you're targeting new clients (or a new client set), you need to do a bit more work on this. What is the content the target clients need/want to see? Can they get to it in two steps? Think of that. Also, ideally no more than one CTA per page. I'd also like to see you develop the gap more. Your brand work is good. This is the final push. You can do it!

Challenge #5 - Get Social

Points up for grabs: 12+

Finola comments: Laura has really worked hard throughout this process and I'm delighted to see how she just gets stuck in and gives it a go. In terms of goal setting Laura should watch her benchmarking so that she can make her goals more realistic. Dates should be less far out for short term goals as they will not drive her. The twitter goals in particular should be revised upwards but Laura will learn that as she goes. I can see from Laura's social media that her customers are really engaged with her, I would like to see more storytelling here in terms of connecting with customers. They clearly like being on the journey with her just add more to their story. Bravo.

Teri comments: Laura has really grown a lot throughout this competition and I was super impressed with how she hustled for the public vote. There was a lot to do in this challenge and she's done well in many areas. Was there confusion over the content upgrade or was this just not done? I liked your blog post but would have liked to see more done on your social media posts. Your social goals are a bit too far out. Shorter, realistic, ones will give you a better chance of success. You're personable, connect well with people and customers like you. Keep building on this and you and your business will benefit. Well done.

Challenge #5 Submission 2

Finola comments: Well done can really see the improvements here and glad to see you embracing canva :)

Teri comments: Lots of improvements here. Goals more realistic, posts are better, love the content upgrade. Voice in channels not hugely different but, overall, very well done.

Challenge #6 - Story, Funnel and Plan

Points up for grabs: 13

Finola comments: Well done Laura over the course of the whole program. I absolutely LOVED your Video Pitch. You are so believable and genuine. This is why your customers have so much time for you. I've seen you progress over the course of this program but there's more there that can be explored. Don't hold back. You are a clever business woman and you need to trust that. Dig deeper and go outside your comfort zone a little and make sure you explore how much more there is to this great business of yours.

Teri comments: Laura, you have made a lot of progress in this competition. You are so personable and a natural marketeer. It's easy to see why your clients love you. You have a lot of potential with your business. I think it would help for you to finish the modules in How Great Marketing Works as it will help your business grow. You have lifetime access. I love what you did with the video. On the challenge itself, you did well but you do need to dig deeper so that it makes sense and you're able to apply the learnings. Overall, very well done.

Patrick comments:

  • Very confident presentation 
  • Great setting and great selling of the facility and services  
  • This video could definitely  be used to promote the business with some editing  
  • Great eye contact exuding confidence  
  • Clear and concise message about how she will change her business going forward to help drive growth and customer loyalty using the " rules to the business " 
  • If I were a potential investor this video would instill great confidence in me to consider an investment 
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