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Laura Doyle

Fintan Farrell Conservation Services

Laura Doyle

Laura is part of a family business based in Curracloe doing conservation services. You can follow her company on:

Challenge #1 - Your Vision and Path

Points up for grabs: 10

Up to two points available for each grade.

Finola comments: You have clearly put in a lot of work into this and it is apparent. My suggestion is to submit the challenge as requested. 2.4 is designed so you can see the plan in helicopter view or as a strategic view of where the business is headed. I would have questions around customers equating to jobs. They don’t unless you never expect to have repeat business from these jobs. Remember you are changing the model to one where training is added so this becomes more pertinent. I'm also curious as to why there are significant profit margin changes over the period. If this is a specific strategy, how are you achieving this without a specific milestone to make it happen?

Teri comments: You have put a lot of thought into this. Well done for that and on a good video. My concern is that you have substantial increases in gross margins but you don't show how this will be accomplished and the milestones don't give us a clue. Some milestones are good but I am not convinced they are all significant enough to make a major difference to your business. Think about your vision and re-evaluate the milestones you've set. Will your business change significantly? At least address how you will make improvements to gross margins.

Challenge #1 Submission 2

Finola comments: Congratulations Laura you really plugged those gaps in this challenge. This has really come together for you.

Teri comments: Well done Laura. You've done really well here. You show a much clear path and much better understanding of where and how you will take the business forward.

Challenge #2 - Build the Offering They Want

Points up for grabs: 10

Up to two points available for each grade.

Finola comments: One of the briefs of this challenge was around Bill Bernbach's quote and this is all about storytelling. Storytelling is vital in communication and it has to start here. Reference your own video. You're a natural storyteller - I would recommend revisiting the worksheets having listenend to your own video. eg. you mentioned you wanted to "share knowledge freely". This is a better why rule than the factual based submission. Bring it to life. You have it in how you verbally communicate it. Now incorporate that into how you write.

Teri comments: I thought you did really well on this challenge. In particular, I felt that you didn't just list products. I had a good sense of what I would get if I worked with you, your professionalism and it instilled confidence. I felt you took a bit of a punt on pricing, however, and could have better related it to something that was more understandable to a client (i.e., a comparable price like price per sq metre). Overall, well done.

Challenge #2 Submission 2

Finola comments: We can start to see the storyteller emerge now which is fantastic. Also the pricing strategy is much clearer. You have really grown here Laura well done!

Teri comments: Much clearer, pricing strategy is better and more useful, overall well done.

Challenge #3 - Your Customer - Get Close and Personal

Points up for grabs: 11

Up to two points available for each grade plus one point for your video.

Finola comments: Well done, lots of information here. Would like to see more detail in 4.5 and have you really understand the buying journey in detail. Try to be more specific in the Footprint and Consumption areas. The more information you have here the better your marketing will be. I could see that you understand your customers really well - build on this.

Teri comments: Well done Laura. I love how you mapped out and described each customer. I would have liked to see more differentiation between customers in their journey (esp with the main contractor). The more you know about them and how they buy, the better for you and your marketing. Well done again.

Patrick comments:

  • Has a clear idea of who her customers are which is great ..and very important 
  • Very clear idea of how referrals are achieved to grow the business 
  • Didn’t give me a clear idea of how they might grow their business through either forging new relationships and alliances or looking at other potential market segments 
  • This is a great business with enormous potential to double turnover through better marketing and razor sharp focus on target areas for new business and potentially widening their geographic target market ..( Cork and Waterford ??)

Challenge #4 - Find your gap in the Market, Build your brand and get Web ready

Points up for grabs: 10

Finola comments: I'd like to see more heart in Laura's story. There are lots of facts and evidence of how great the work is but I'd like to see a more human story extracted. The story of the business and the importance of the human touch really comes across in the video but in the written communications this is not coming through. Spend a little time here to craft that voice so that your written communications match your visual and verbal story. It's a great one. Bring it to Life!

Teri comments: Laura's work in completing other worksheets helped her in completing this challenge. I like what she did with the gap and brand. She has a good breakdown of content. I'd like to see how her site map more specifically ties to objectives. Content is good. Are there specific jobs you will showcase in the portfolio? Would benefit from some work on flow/organisation based on visitor experience and objectives but, overall, well done.

Challenge #5 - Get Social

Points up for grabs: 12+

Finola comments: You've set quite tough goals for engagement etc for yourself for social media. At this point that's okay as you draw a line in the sand but do check in and modify this as you progress. Although there is a different voice in each channel it still seems like on that personal touch. Both you and Fintan are clearly personal in your approach on a day to day basis. Do work on bringing this out online. It will help you. Love the inroads you made with LinkedIn particularly as it's such an important channel for you. Do consider tweeting more... your schedule is a bit light for this content hungry channel. When writing content do remember to stay in their shoes... what do they want to hear v's what you want to say. Well done. Strong start to your social media strategy.

Teri comments: Laura's been steadily improving on each challenge. I like what she did on social media. She hasn't much of a presence yet but she has a good understanding of what needs to be done and has made good strides in her chosen channels already. Really good improvements on LinkedIn, an important channel for you. On blogs, I would have liked to see you be more personable on the mold blog. It's an important issue for every building owner facing this problem so it's a good opportunity to connect with potential clients. I like your VAT relief blog. Targeted just right and brings out your brand. A very good start on social overall. Well done.

Challenge #6 - Story, Funnel and Plan

Points up for grabs: 13

Finola comments: Well done Laura, I can really see the progress here and delighted that you were able to bring everything together. Have a look at your funnel and flip your language around what it is YOU need to do to lead people to the next stage in your funnel e.g. in Advocacy... ASK for the testimonial. In the Action Plan have a look at refining the vision a bit more... it's very clear elsewhere but just focus it here. A little more work on converting objectives into projects and then tasks would be good here too. Overall very impressed.

Teri comments: Laura, I am very impressed. You are the dark horse for sure. When you started, you had much to learn but learn you did. Your focus and application now is really fantastic. I could see how you connected with everything in this challenge and I could also see you going out to implement it too. You trusted the process and did your best and your business is better for it. Your video is excellent and you are so much more customer centric in your written and spoke work than when you started. Very well done and congratulations.

Patrick comments:

  • Probably the biggest improvement vs prior video 
  • Great setting chosen to present  
  • Very concise message telling me very clearly what the business does  
  • Great eye contact in the video which thus captures the audience  
  • Showing great confidence .. which in turn helps to instill more confidence within me in the business  
  • Compelling reasons why she should win clearly verbalized  
  • This video could be used as a marketing tool to promote her business with just minor editing  
  • The video would definitely encourage me to consider promoting or investing in the business 
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