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Declan Joyce

Kelly Colfer Son & Poyntz

· Finalist

Declan Joyce

Declan has a solicitor's practice based in New Ross. You can follow his company on Facebook here.

Challenge #1 - Your Vision and Path

Points up for grabs: 10

Up to two points available for each grade.

Finola comments: While I always applaud an attempt at anything and the scoring reflects that, it will help you immensely if you submit the challenge as requested. It is designed to make you look at how the business can grow over the next five years from a strategic perspective. The 5 Year timeline is also important. It stops you from thinking too small. I was disappointed to see that the videos to show you how to complete this challenge were not watched. This is a competition to win over €10K in prizes. There's a lot at stake so there is a lot required. But more, this is important for your business too. We will help you but you must do your part too.

Teri comments: Declan, it's good you got this in but you really need to up your game. You need to think about your milestones -- those that will give you a changed business. This should come from your vision for your practice. Where do you want to be in five years? What's the space you want to own? And how you will own it? What does your business have to look like to get there? This is where you find your milestones. If you want to win this competition or slingshot your business, you've more work to do.

Challenge #2 - Build the Offering They Want

Points up for grabs: 10

Up to two points available for each grade.

Finola comments: There is a real need to dig deeper here Declan. Your brevity is great in that it gets to the point but we're not seeing your personality coming out on paper here. The videos have really played an important part in communicating the challenges and the person behind the business for the other contestants. We are only getting to see that in the mentoring sessions with you. You're missing out on something very important here. Please submit this next time. It will be a game changer for you.

Teri comments: Well done for attempting this challenge Declan. I do feel you need to put a bit more thought into it. I would like to see you talk about your services in a way that resonates with customers and so that it’s all about them. (How does it make them feel?). You took a punt on pricing. You need to explain more about how you do this, how you are different from others and relate it to the value you provide. Your 'whys' also need more focus on how they help the client. Keep up the focus! It will help your business.

Challenge #3 - Your Customer - Get Close and Personal

Points up for grabs: 11

Up to two points available for each grade plus one point for your video.

Finola comments: We are missing depth of insight here. We really need to understand the challenges your target customer faces so that we can build a process by which you can reach them more effectively. You will grow your business if you spend time in this area. If you don't it will be quite difficult to do so.

Teri comments: Declan, fair play to you for keeping up and giving this thought and consideration. You will benefit, however, from developing your answers more. The more that you know your customers, the better you can serve them and focus your marketing. 

Challenge #4 - Find your gap in the Market, Build your brand and get Web ready

Points up for grabs: 10

Finola comments: This has been your best challenge yet Declan. Writing more let us learn more about the business. I loved the gaps you identified in the market. A real strategy is on the cusp of emerging here. Bravo. There is a creative soul emerging here and one that can really help bridge the distance between you and your customer. Embrace it. It's true, honourable and makes commercial sense. Well done!

Teri comments: Well done Declan for making it this far. You've come a long way. I love the work you did on your brand especially what you stand for. You need to put more of this out there -- on your website and in all you do. More content will help you with your website and I'm delighted to see how you've expanded sections which will help your clients. Remember to make sure to tie content back to your objectives. A bit more work needed on content but, overall, a really good improvement. Well done.

Challenge #5 - Get Social

Points up for grabs: 12+

Teri comments: You've done a lot of work in this competition up to now and I know you've been focusing more on how this helps your business versus the competition itself. It all comes together in Challenge #6. You're nearly there. Good to see the support you got in the public vote. Well done on your work to date.

Challenge #6 - Story, Funnel and Plan

Points up for grabs: 13

Finola comments: Well done Declan. I know that this program was challenging and you opted to focus more on how you would apply the learnings to the business than winning the competition. You have a fantastic business and theres real potential for it to grow. You're customers clearly come first every time and you care deeply about helping each and every one of them. It's time to share that with your marketplace. Bring the human touch to your communications, branding and marketing. It will serve you well as you build the business to the next stage. Well done.

Teri comments: Declan, you've done great work in this competition. I know you didn't do it to win but I hope you have many more insights into how to develop and grow the business you have. You are so personable that, if more people knew about you and your business, I think everyone would be coming to you! Well done on your work to date. I hope your business continues to grow.

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